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A children's room needs special and distinctive furniture. At Baby Acrylic, we offer you furniture specially designed for children's rooms. Browse our wide variety of modern, practical and comfortable furniture.

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Baby Acrylic

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Large acrylic bed

Acrylic Baby Shop

Large acrylic bed

240 KD
Measures length 140 width 70
It has three levels Suitable from 0-3 years old.

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Acrylic Chair and Tables

Baby Acrylic

From Toddler to Teen, Baby Acrylic has the Ideal Furniture Solutions

Make Your Child's Room a Safe Haven of Style and Comfort with Baby Acrylic's Specially Crafted Furniture. Let Your Child's Dreams Take Flight in a Room Filled with Baby Acrylic's Charming Furniture Creations!

With our modern and practical designs, you can create an environment that nurtures their creativity and imagination while ensuring their safety and comfort.

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